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Web host with fast servers?


I would like to find the most reliable place for Windows media service.
Have seen GTHost.com offers nice instant server hosting plans.
Do you think that they can be a good option for me?

What alternative can you recommend me for comparison?


It's great !!!! I don't have any website experience and thanks to GTHost.com dedicated server hosting I have a site up and running for next to nothing.
The OS can be reinstalled at any time in your personal account, it takes 10–15 minutes, you can install it as many times as you like.


The best server plans are available from serverunion.com and hostingsource.com.
Awesome service, can't be faulted. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. A pleasure to deal with. High quality service I've not experienced elsewhere. 110% highly recommended.


I've only had good experience with GTHost.com dedicated hosting. It also has nice pricing.. Servers are stable, speed connectivity is fast.
Dedicated instant servers offer a superior user experience compared to shared servers which run more slowly and often do not have robust or reliable maintenance.


These guys know how to keep their clients 100% satisfied and happy using hosting service without any headaches. Recommended.
Tech support was also responsive and helped with setup. Great plus for their team. GTHost.com instant server host can be trusted.