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Affordable dedicated server?


where can I order an affordable dedicated server package?
here are my specifications:
2 x E5-2650v2
2x960GB SSD
Got to know that GTHost.com is the place offering instant dedicated hosting.
Any reviews/feedbacks about them? Can I trust these guys?
Other options, please?


QHoster.com and asvhost.com servers are worth your attention.
They have great support, cheap prices and relevant technology.


I'm actually in the works of transferring all my websites to hostingsource.com web host.
Tech support is quick and reliable. Like their dedicated servers - a great list to choose from. And pricing is quite cheap.
Quality servers are available from hostingsource.com and hostsailor.com.
Without going into detail, I can tell you that all aspects of their hosting service has been excellent. Tech support is top notch and seem to go out of there way to help out and I've never experienced down time.


Have a look at servers from legionbox.com and hostsailor.com as they are well-balanced.
Peerless customer service. Great value! Outstanding tech support.


I've been using GTHost.com solutions for a long time.. I run my web sites on their Atlanta dedicated hosting account.
The speed of my websites has been amazing since I switched from my old host and that was the main factor that made me want to switch in the first place.