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VPS hosting provider - $20/month?


Hello guys
I'm looking for a reliable VPS hosting provider for a Good Price I can go Up to $20/month
Anyone know where I can find it ? What can you say about INSIGHT WEB HOSTING VPS hosting and reliability?


New member
VPS accounts from qhoster.com and rockhoster.com are decent and reliable enough to have a deal with.
Excellent. Great & kind Support, great service. Prices are low, there’s nothing to complain of.


Have a look at VPS plans from rockhoster.com.
I am truly pleased on having my website hosted with them. Their biz is based on help and problem solving for the customers. Teams are good when motivated. These guys earn with sheer hard work are there for me promptly when I need them.


I'm happy to report that my experience for over 5 months at cloudarion.com has continued to be top notch and simply AWESOME.
Servers are smooth, and they're always on top of things, answering any questions and making sure I'm happy. Thanks guys!


I can say that Rightservers.com is the first host I like.. Recommend their Canadian VPS solutions.
The volume of comments from happy customers led me to call them. I can say that their customer support is helpful and responsive.


Well, Hostnamaste is very professional, and we intend to keep them for as long as we have our website up and running.
I'm running more than one website on OpenVZ VPS, never had any problem. Everything is running very well.


New member
VPS plans from libertyvps.net and legionbox.com are full-featured and cheap.
I highly recommend them for your hosting needs. Besides the great customer service, they have super fast solid state servers - which is another plus for me!