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How to use Shadowrocket on iPhone?

YiLu Proxy

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This article introduces how to use Shadowrocket on iPhone, taking the connection to YiLuProxy as an example. This tutorial is also applicable to IOS devices such as iPads, and you can quickly connect to IPs in different countries just by scanning a QR code.

1.Click the scan icon on the upper left of Shadowrocket


2. YiLuProxy dynamic proxy IP

Select the desired location, then generate it, click an IP, and a QR code will appear in the lower right corner.


YiLuProxy provides dynamic residential IPs in more than 200 countries, such as the US, Japan, the UK, Spain, and more.

3.Use your iPhone to scan this QR code


Then this dynamic proxy IP will be added to Shadowrocket, and it can be used without running the YiLuProxy client in the future.

4. Open the connect button A small VPN icon will appear at the top of the screen, indicating that the connection has been successful.


5.Detect proxy IP Open the browser on the mobile phone, search and enter a website to check the IP, here you can see the location of the IP, which is consistent with the one selected in the YiLu Proxy software, sometimes a little bit different.

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