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Hosting for my music/ wordpress sites?


Bellow is my wants... Tell me something reliable and trusted. Reseller hosting provider won't accepted. My budget 30$> per month. I can increase budget after 3 month. And I am looking for long term hosting where monthly payment is accepted (I will pay yearly after 5-6 month).
50-60 GB/month Browsing Bandwidth.
1000GB/month Bandwidth for music storage.
40GB Space for music storage.
10GB more Space for script+image storage.
16 ram (I will run 4 WordPress in one site with - 4-5 plugin+another 4-5 plugin default with theme)
What are your views on Profvds.com hosting solutions? Any reviews, please? Alternatives for comparison?


I have used many hosts over the past 10 years, but NetShop Isp who I have used for the past 9 months has proven the best by far.
Their customer support is beyond excellent. They know what they are doing. Locations: Cyprus, Malta, UK, Netherlands, US, Singapore.